Author: johntalksabouthistory


So far, this unit on immigration has given me a more sympathetic
eye towards the plight of illegal immigrants. I’ve always had a bit of a negative view towards illegals, not because they came here to find a better life, but because of how they come in and expect to have the same rights as documented citizens. That’s how I thought it was, anyway.

Seeing some individual stories about what illegals have to go
through softened me up a bit, but I still think that illegal immigration is, in some ways, a detriment to our society. It bothers me that we let all these people in without documentation and allow them to reap the benefits of living in America while giving little in return. I’m all for letting immigrants in, but only if they receive equal treatment. Bear in mind that when I say “equal treatment”, I don’t mean giving them special rights. I mean treating them exactly like you would treat an American. Nowadays, people seem to think that “equality” means giving one class of people special rights because they believe they are treated unfairly. That’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about giving them all the benefits of being an American citizen, but also giving them all the responsibilities that being a documented American entails. All of that said, I don’t believe in the Donald Trump method of dealing with things. Instant deportation seems like a pretty harsh punishment for someone who just wants to find a better life. I think that undocumented immigrants should be given a chance to become citizens if they’re caught. It’s not like they come over here with the intention of doing harm to our society.